We are a specialist architectural visualisation studio and have vast experience in both marketing and planning images including verified views. Here is a full list of services……


Marketing Images


181 Freemont - low sunExterior Marketing Images

Our team has a wide experience of marketing images for top clients from London to New York and San Francisco. The image featured here is 181 Fremont in San Francisco, and was used to sell luxury apartments.




Kensington Church Street bedroomInterior Marketing Images

We are equally happy to provide interior images too. The second image is a London project; Kensington Church Street, also used to sell luxury apartments.




432 Park Avenue at night. Three unit versionRetail Marketing Images

Retail marketing is a specialised sector and requires CG visualisations of retail spaces set up in specific ways. This can be a certain layout, and/or a certain retailer or retail

sector depicted in the space. The project featured is 432 Park Avenue, New York.


Planning Images


Assembly Bristol, view 7 - planning imageVerified View Images

Verified views are pin point accurate images that are precise representations of the architect’s design.They are also known as verified visual montages (VVMs) or accurate visual representations (AVRs). You can read more about this here.




Chiltern street Hotel planning imageNon-Verified View Images

Sometimes planning views are required that do not need to be verified. This is where we use a variety of techniques as well as experience to ensure an accurate alignment. In other words to ensure the CG elements of the image match the back-plate photography for scale and perspective. Martin has ten years experience in this field.






Design Development Images


We also offer a design assistance service for architects and designers.  Design assistance offers fast turnaround of images enabling the architect to quickly see their design accurately represented. They are typically used in the architects’ client meetings to clearly and efficiently communicate the latest design ideas.

At the time of writing, Martin Richardson images are working with PLP Architecture on the design for the base of 22 Bishopsgate. Because this is a live project we are not a liberty to reveal any of the work at this stage.