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Verified Views

I can now report that Martin Richardson images has successfully completed their first set of verified views.  Other terms for verified views are verified visual montages (VVMs) or accurate visual representations (AVRs ). The images we have just done are to support an upcoming planning application for a key development in Bristol.

Here is how we did it….

First we carried out our own in house photography to shoot a selection of back-plates. At the same time we carefully noted camera/lens data, and  camera position. Then using data from Longdin And Browning  Surveys Ltd fed into a proprietary script we generated cameras in 3D space. The cameras were located in exactly the same place relative to the 3D model of the scheme as the real life camera positions would be if the scheme was built. This means that when we place the rendered CG image of the scheme over the back-plate it fits precisely in the right place.

The next step is the lighting. For this we match the time of day and weather conditions. With this done and using our already generated 3D cameras we were then able to render images of the scheme. Because of the position of the cameras relative to the scheme the perspective of the renders look as they would if shot through through the lens of the camera that shot the back-plates.  With Photoshop we then composited the CG renders into their relevant back-plates. We make sure that the scheme sits correctly and any parts that would cover the foreground are masked. This allows the foreground to show in front of the rendered scheme as it should. We then make final colour and tonal corrections to balance the elements of the image.

Using this method we produced a set of highly accurate photo-realistic verified views and all to a very tight deadline.

At this time we cannot reveal any details to you at this stage. Hopefully this will change very soon and we can update the blog and reveal the images…..

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