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We are Martin Richardson Images

We are an architectural visualisation company. We specialize in creating Computer Generated Images (CGIs) or renderings of the future built environment. With the aim of making the best images possible we use a combination of photography and 3D rendering or CGI. Our approach is to gain a deep understanding of the client’s vision, the design, and it’s relationship to the surrounding context. We prefer to do our own photography where possible. This goes a long way towards achieving a greater feel and understanding of the location and this in turn leads to great results.

Our images allow you to…

…see your scheme in a beautiful and compelling way in images that are desirable and believable.  With equal experience in both we are happy to make marketing and planning images, including verified views.

CGIs for Architects and Developers

After working at Miller Hare, and then as Head of Architectural Visualisation at River Film, Martin decided to fulfil his long held desire to start a studio of his own. A great client relationship coupled with great photography and vision are our founding principals. This, and of course excellent rendering and post-production skills. Martin has worked with many different architects and developers in his career. He loves nothing more than to share their enthusiasm for the project. We hope this is what comes through in the final results.


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